Marc van der Sterren
Christopher Brewster, Madnes of Blockchain

The absurdity of the blockchain

In this era, data is the key. ‘It’s all about transparency’, explains scientist Christopher Brewster. ‘But in reality, nobody wants complete transparency!’ Still, the blockchain promises all the answers for accurate and immediate information.  It’s what Brewster calls ‘one of the madnesses of new technology’s’. 

In a trade chain where everything is transparent, nobody can cheat. Prices will be fair, contaminations will be directly traceable to the source and compliance with certificates will be handled automatically. Or so many in the blockchain community believe.

In December 2017, Wageningen University & Research, together with the Dutch Knowledge Institute TNO, published their final report on the pilot study ‘Blockchain for Agriculture and Food’. It presents many opportunities for the application of this new technology in the food chain.


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